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Cleaning Tips and Tricks

There are some interesting natural cleaning products that can be found around the house. Some are natural and do less harm to the environment while others do minimum harm. Here are a few incredibly effective natural cleaning products. 

Awesome Household Items for Cleaning

  • Coca Cola: It is usually reserved for rum and coke or having a cool drink on a hot day but coca-cola contains phosphoric acid and a PH level that can dissolve concrete or even eat through metals. It is no wonder that it can be used regularly to provide a solution to some of the most frustrating cleaning problems. It can clean grease off carpets, couches and curtains. it will clean tiles and unclog drains on most occasions. It has also been used as an oven cleaner and will clean a toilet bowl.
  • Vinegar: This is an old favourite but is still one of the most versatile and easy to get substances for cleaning in the house. Vinegar will clean many items around the house but the effectiveness of it will depend on how much effort that the cleaner puts into it for some jobs. However, it is great for cleaning mould and mildew.
  • Baking soda: This one is cheap and will clean the inside of fridges, microwaves, kitchen counters and ovens. it will also clean stainless steel sinks and appliances.
    These three household items are great cleaners especially when there is not enough time to get to the shops and a cleaner is required in a hurry. Remember that good cleaning requires the right amount either to mix with water or to use by itself. Experiment with the right amounts to get great results.

Once you are done trying out all of these cheap cleaning products and your house could not be cleaner, you can sit back and relax. With the household chores all done you can spend time enjoying various activities like exploring casino available at casinohawks.com.